Saturday Night Live Valentine’s Day songs to help you celebrate

Adam Sandler (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)
Adam Sandler (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images) /

Happy Valentine’s Day! The holiday is finally here and no matter how you plan on celebrating, Saturday Night Live has the soundtrack to help.

FanSided has been getting in the Valentine’s Day spirit all week. Across the network, we’ve celebrated fans’ favorite on-screen relationships, singles, and more.

Nobody on television celebrates the holidays quite like Saturday Night Live. For 46 seasons, SNL has been parodying everything from New Year’s Day to Christmas. The holidays seem to bring out the best in the writers and performers at SNL and Valentine’s Day is no different.

There have been dozens of Valentine’s Day sketches over the years, looking at the day from all different angles including Stefon’s. But some of our favorites have had a musical component that especially helps them stand out.

Saturday Night Live Valentine’s Day songs: Garth and Kat

You can’t talk about Saturday Night Live holiday songs without including Garth and Kat. The “Weekend Update” singing duo played by Fred Armisen and Kristen Wiig always showed up around the holidays to (try to) sing one of their original tunes.

In season 35, they arrived at Seth Meyers’ “Weekend Update” desk to showcase some Valentine’s Day songs of their new album. As always, Garth and Kat weren’t quite ready for the spotlight.

Saturday Night Live Valentine’s Day songs: Valentine’s Song with Halsey

In season 44, Halsey pulled double duty as both the host and musical guest. She did well in the sketches but it was her performances of “Eastside” and “Without Me” that received the most praise.

Given Halsey’s talents a singer, it was no surprise to see that incorporated into a sketch as well. The 2019 episode gave Saturday Night Live fans “Valentine’s Song,” about how gifts from family and co-workers can seriously ruin the holiday’s romantic vibe.

Saturday Night Live Valentine’s Day songs: Jimmy Fallon

One of the quickest ways to make a splash at Saturday Night Live is at the “Weekend Update” desk. It lets a cast member write his or her own material and puts them front and center.

Jimmy Fallon used this strategy to his advantage, appearing several times on “Update” before regularly starring in sketches each night. His musical talents have always been an advantage in his musical career, from his stand up to SNL to The Tonight Show. Fallon put those skills to good use in season 24 with these Valentine’s Day song parodies.

Saturday Night Live Valentine’s Day songs: Adam Sandler’s red hooded sweatshirt

Saturday Night Live fans know that Jimmy Fallon was following a blueprint created by Adam Sandler. Fallon’s admiration of Sandler is no secret–in fact, Fallon did an impression of Sandler for his SNL audition.

Few SNL cast members have brought as many unique characters to “Weekend Update” as Adam Sandler. Cajun Man and Opera Man are just a couple of examples. But some fans would argue that Sandler was at his best when he was just being himself. One of the best pieces of evidence for that is his season 18 performance of “Red Hooded Sweatshirt” for Valentine’s Day.

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