Why Stephen Colbert isn’t surprised Trump’s lawyers quit

President Donald Trump (Photo by Erin Schaff - Pool/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Erin Schaff - Pool/Getty Images) /

Just days away from the start of his impeachment trial, former President Donald Trump is scrambling to put together his defense. He has hired two new lawyers after his previous team quit in a move that hardly surprised Stephen Colbert.

Some people thought that Rudy Giuliani would be the one to represent former President Trump against charges he incited an insurrection on Jan. 6. But after a series of gaffes, the two men reportedly had a falling out and former President Trump refused to pay Giuliani.

It wasn’t easy for former President Trump to find lawyers willing to take the case. The team that was put in place to defend him is now gone. It was reportedly a “mutual decision” but Stephen Colbert isn’t buying that story.

Last night on The Late Show, Colbert looked into why the lawyers quit Team Trump just days before the trial was set to begin. Colbert’s monologue also looked at the two new lawyers who decided to take the case.

Stephen Colbert is surprised to hear that lawyers quit in the first place. He was shocked that there was something lawyers wouldn’t do for money, joking that it’s like “rats fleeing a sinking rat.”

Colbert wasn’t shocked to hear that former President Trump wanted his lawyers to argue that the 2020 election was stolen from him. The Late Show spent months mocking the former president for whining about the election and claiming it was rigged against him. It’s no surprise to Colbert that the whining hasn’t stopped.

Months after the election, former President Trump is still clinging to the same lie. Colbert shares a report that the ex-president didn’t want the argument to be about the constitutionality of his impeachment but instead to make it all about a “stolen” election. Colbert describes it as “the brilliant legal strategy of pointing out to the jury how motivated you were to commit the crime.”

Stephen Colbert isn’t impressed with Trump’s new legal team

Former President Trump now has two lawyers ready to defend him in his impeachment trial. They are David Schoen and Bruce Castor. Or, as Colbert called them, “man addicted to SPF 1000” and “school principal waiting for kids to stop booing.”

Colbert’s monologue argues that the two lawyers have a lot in common. The Late Show host doesn’t think it’s a good sign that the two names most associated with Schoen and Castor are Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Cosby. Colbert finds it fitting that these are the lawyers that Donald Trump would end up hiring.

The impeachment trial may be the end of Stephen Colbert’s Trump coverage. At least that’s probably what Colbert hopes. The former president’s name is already banned from the show and in the days after the election, Colbert breathed a sigh of relief that Trump wouldn’t be dominating every part of daily life.

If it is the end, Colbert is making sure to get some enjoyment out of it. Former President Trump’s legal woes are just the latest example.

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