Stephen Colbert caught off guard by Biden’s transparency on Russia

President Joe Biden (Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images)
President Joe Biden (Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert continues to look for signs of normalcy in President Joe Biden’s first weeks in office. And even when he sees them, the Late Show host can still be caught off guard after everything he saw from the last administration.

The “return to normalcy” that Colbert has praised began with President Biden’s inauguration. It was abnormal in the sense there was no crowd, pandemic protocols were in place, and the country was still processing the Capitol attack earlier in the month. Still, Colbert described the event as the first step in getting back to normal.

The next example came in the form of two German Shepherds. Colbert applauded the Bidens for bringing dogs back to the White House as he welcomed Champ and Major to Washington, D.C.

But perhaps the biggest indication that President Biden wants to get things back on track involves Russia. The White House released details on President Biden’s phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin–a level of transparency not often seen under President Donald Trump. Stephen Colbert’s monologue last night celebrated the move while the Late Show host admitted it caught him off guard.

Stephen Colbert wasn’t taken off guard by President Biden confronting Vladimir Putin. He was surprised that we were told about it. Colbert is used to the past administration when every call with Russia was confidential, notes were destroyed, and reporters were told it was none of their business.

It is a major step forward in repairing American foreign policy, says Colbert. And just for good measure, the monologue reminds viewers why a tough stance on Russia is so important for America.

Stephen Colbert is still reminding viewers about President Trump’s shady practices

Eventually, there will be a point where Stephen Colbert stops comparing President Biden to President Trump. But after five years of covering the previous president nonstop, fans can’t expect Colbert to quit cold turkey.

Throughout the Trump era, Colbert did everything he could to remind audiences that what we were seeing wasn’t normal. His monologues not only entertained viewers but were designed to combat fatigue and complacency when bombarded by headline after headline.

Colbert is still doing that now but using President Biden as the example of what normal looks like. This certainly won’t be the last “Norms” segment on The Late Show.

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