A Closer Look: Seth Meyers on GOP blocking Biden’s plan and impeachment

Sen. Marco Rubio (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
Sen. Marco Rubio (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) /

President Joe Biden campaigned on his record of working across the aisle while in the Senate, promising to heal some of the division between Democrats and Republicans. After just a few weeks in office, that ability is being severely tested as Seth Meyers explained in “A Closer Look.”

Last night on Late Night, Meyers opened up the segment by summarizing the situation facing America. The pandemic, botched vaccine rollout, the aftermath of the insurrection, an impending impeachment trial, and more all add up to an overloaded political system, says Meyers. Solving or addressing these issues requires collaboration and cooperation among lawmakers but Meyers isn’t holding his breath.

“A Closer Look” laid out the case for why Republicans should shoulder most of the blame. Indications are that the GOP plans to make it difficult for President Biden to implement his agenda. On top of that, the Republican Party seems eager to dismiss former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the name of “healing” and “unity.”

It’s good news for former President Trump. He needs to assemble a legal team ahead of his trial and his usual lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was just sued for over $1 billion by Dominion Voting Systems. It was the kind of good news Meyers needed to hear before taking “A Closer Look” at the Republican Party.

Even with Donald Trump out of office, Rudy Giuliani remains in the news. Over the past couple of years, Giuliani has been one of “A Closer Look”‘s most frequent targets. Last night on Late Night, Meyers again compared the former New York City mayor to a vampire, questioned his competence, and reminded viewers of Giuliani’s hair dye fiasco.

But as Meyers points out, President Trump doesn’t have to depend on Giuliani. Instead, it is “servile, morally bankrupt Republicans falling in line.”

A Closer Look identifies key Republicans blocking Biden’s agenda and Trump’s impeachment

Seth Meyers didn’t hesitate to name names when it came to those “morally bankrupt Republicans.” It’s part of what makes “A Closer Look” so popular–Meyers’ willingness to call out specific politicians for hypocrisy.

Last night’s list included Senator Rand Paul, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senator Marco Rubio, and Senator Susan Collins. Late Night calls them out for refusing to acknowledge the election wasn’t stolen, refusing to hold President Trump accountable, and refusing to support President Biden’s ambitious relief plan.

Meyers ends “A Closer Look by summing up the state of the Republican Party led by these lawmakers, saying:

"The Republican Party has learned nothing and it hasn’t changed. It’s still the party that elected Donald Trump and stood by him as he attempted to foment sedition. It’s the same party that spent eight years stonewalling President Obama’s agenda. And now, even after a historic, resounding defeat, after losing the House, the Senate, and the presidency, Republicans are still standing in the way of urgent relief, systemic change, and accountability amid multiple, simultaneous crises."

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