Is Real Time with Bill Maher new tonight, January 8, 2021?

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What should Real Time with Bill Maher fans expect to see tonight on HBO?

If ever there was a time for the new season of Real Time with Bill Maher to begin, it’s tonight. So what should fans expect to see on HBO?

Last we heard from Bill Maher, it was Nov. 20. It was clear that President Donald Trump had lost the election to Joe Biden and the country was on the verge of a major change. Maher signed off on season 18 with the promise of returning in 2021.

Since then, things have been unlike any other time in American history. However, it hasn’t been a surprise to Maher who predicted President Trump’s behavior for years. So will Real Time return tonight or will fans have to keep waiting?

There will not be a new episode of Real Time with Bill Maher tonight. Season 19 starts next week, Jan. 15.

Expect Bill Maher to come out swinging next week on the season 19 premiere of Real Time

Bill Maher will have a lot to catch up on when Real Time does return for season 19 next week. From President Trump’s post-election legal fight to the Capitol riots, Maher will have plenty to cover.

Then again, the way news changes so quickly, Maher may have no choice but to discuss something completely new. It’s possible that new articles of impeachment will be drawn up by the time Real Time returns to HBO.

If you follow Maher on Twitter, then you know that the comedian has started working on the season premiere. Even he knows that some of the biggest stories over the past few months are already old news.

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