Bill Maher’s history of predicting Trump won’t give up power

U.S. President Donald Trump (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
U.S. President Donald Trump (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) /

Bill Maher has warned America that President Donald Trump will not give up the White House

When it comes to the issue of President Donald Trump and the peaceful transition of power, Bill Maher has been nothing if not consistent. For years, the Real Time host has for years warned that President Trump will not willingly give up power.

President Trump has done little to quell fears that things could get messy if former Vice President Joe Biden defeats him in the Nov. election. The legitimacy of the election and the security of mail-in voting have been questioned by the president, laying the groundwork for a potential contested election if things don’t go the Republican’s way.

Bill Maher could see this coming and did as much as he could to bring it to the public’s attention. Maher started 2020 by reminding his Real Time audience of his prediction, months before President Trump’s comments seemed to confirm it.

Last night on Real Time, Bill Maher looked back at just how long he’s been beating the drum when it comes to President Trump’s power grab. The montage below highlights how Maher knew we were in trouble with the 2020 election before it was on anyone else’s mind:

Bill Maher has worried about the transition of power for over two years

Real Time with Bill Maher‘s look back begins in April 2018. That means that for over two years, Bill Maher has been preparing the country for the unthinkable. Maher has seen more than enough from President Trump to know that accepting defeat is not in his nature.

All told, there are 20 different examples of Maher saying that President Trump won’t leave the White House. Maher makes himself out to be the only one with this theory but the clip ends with him admitting that President Trump himself agrees.

President Trump has joked in the past about getting a third term or eliminating term limits altogether. The way Maher sees it, those aren’t jokes but more likely President Trump testing the waters. We’ll know for sure if Joe Biden wins in November.

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