Jimmy Fallon Teams Up With Alex Mill to Create Sleepwear P’Jimmies You Can Wear All Day Long

Discover Jimmy Fallon's P'Jimmies at Alex Mill.
Discover Jimmy Fallon's P'Jimmies at Alex Mill. /

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The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon knows a thing or two when it comes to pajamas. Now that we have all spent most of 2020 stuck at home wearing these clothing items, it is only fitting we get an upgrade. Fallon wanted pajamas with pockets that looked like clothes you would wear outside someday. So, he teamed up with fashion brand, Alex Mill, to create well-made clothes you can wear all day and all night. The pun named P’Jimmies (get it, pajamas + Jimmy) not only will upgrade your sleepwear, but also give back since 100% of the net proceeds will go to Feeding America.

Discover Jimmy Fallon's P'Jimmies at Alex Mill.
Discover Jimmy Fallon’s P’Jimmies at Alex Mill. /

This collection with Fallon is a limited run and was released in late November so things have been selling out quick, but there are still a few pieces up for grabs. Most of the pieces featured the adorable multicolored striped pattern that makes one feel like a colorful candy cane.  From sleep shirts and pants to beanies and scarves, the collection had plenty of colors to go around.

Discover Jimmy Fallon's P'Jimmies jumpsuits at Alex Mill.
Discover Jimmy Fallon’s P’Jimmies jumpsuits at Alex Mill. /

There are only two pieces left in stock, but they are some of the best. Alex Mill is known for its utility jumpsuits. The streamlined look is perfect for men and women. There is no need to worry about matching a shirt and pants when you have a one-piece jumpsuit like this one. The P’Jimmies Dream Suit ($98) is based on their Standard Suit with four pockets and made with cotton so it is durable, yet comfortable. The cropped leg works whether you are wearing boots or slippers.

Discover Jimmy Fallon's P'Jimmies face masks at Alex Mill.
Discover Jimmy Fallon’s P’Jimmies face masks at Alex Mill. /

Fallon and Alex Mill also know that face masks are now an essential item in every person’s wardrobe this year, which is why they made one in their collection. This mask ($22) features the fun, colorful stripes that are present throughout the pieces. Each side features a different color and the trims are all different colors. The masks are handsewn from leftover pieces of fabric to help reduce waste and make your face fashionable. The ear loops are elastic and adjustable so you can tie them where ever fits you best. There is also a pocket so you can add a coffee filter or whatever you like to use between the layers of the mask.

Make sure to check out the whole P’Jimmies collection at Alex Mill before the rest sells out. And remember, not only will you look great, but you’ll feel great too since you’ll know the money is going to help feed those in need all across the United States thanks to Feeding America.