Bill Maher celebrates Trump’s eviction notice in election recap

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Real Time with Bill Maher didn’t hesitate to declare that Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump

Several states are still counting ballots and news networks have yet to call the 2020 election. Yet that didn’t stop Bill Maher’s monologue from announcing that former Vice Presiden Joe Biden won the White House and delivered President Donald Trump his first eviction notice.

As of Saturday morning, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada still haven’t been called for Vice President Biden or President Trump. The numbers are trending blue despite the White House and some Republicans crying foul about the election process.

By all accounts, it is a foregone conclusion that Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States. It’s a time to celebrate for those eager to see President Trump pack up his things and move out of the White House, whenever that may be.

Bill Maher is among those who warned that President Trump would not willingly give up power. That is a concern for another day as the Real Time host instead spent Friday night’s monologue celebrating President Trump’s defeat but also offering a realistic assessment of American elections.

Bill Maher piles on President Donald Trump for his election tantrum

Nobody expected President Trump to be a gracious loser if the election didn’t go his way, least of all Bill Maher. The Real Time host has seen this response coming for years so he wasn’t exactly surprised to see President Trump stomping his feet and claiming he was cheated.

Naturally, late night television has piled on President Trump for what appears to be baseless claims of fraud and conspiracies. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert compared Vice President Joe Biden’s call for patience to President Trump’s tantrum.

Friday night was Bill Maher’s turn. His description of President Trump’s behavior was the CBS-friendly tone struck by Colbert but the message was the same. The comedian knew that President Trump would call the election a hoax. What does surprise him is that media networks are acting surprised by the president’s response despite all the warning signs over the past four years.

Maher delivered a final message to President Trump at the end of his monologue that sums up the host’s feelings on the Commander-in-Chief. But based on President Trump’s behavior this week, Maher will have plenty more chances to address the man still in the White House.

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