Seth Meyers: A Closer Look at Trump’s 60 Minutes meltdown

Seth Meyers (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC)
Seth Meyers (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC) /

Seth Meyers questioned President Donald Trump’s priorities after an outburst directed at 60 Minutes

President Donald Trump has a lot on his mind right now. Unfortunately, the novel coronavirus pandemic just isn’t one of them. Last night on Late Night, Seth Meyers used “A Closer Look” to make that argument.

President Trump has been holding campaign rallies across the country in the final weeks before the election. He’s touted his economic accomplishments, warned about the dangers of a Biden-Harris administration, and shared his thoughts on toilets.

The pandemic has continued to be downplayed by the president. He has suggested that the country has round the corner towards normalcy and that the American people have had enough when it comes to talking and hearing about COVID-19.

That mindset may be why President Trump is so fixated on his 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl. Seth Meyers explained more in last night’s edition of “A Closer Look.”

Like so many others have, Seth Meyers doesn’t let his audience forget how crazy it is that President Trump continues to hold these rallies. Social distancing is nonexistent and masks are often a rarity. It’s no coincidence that a number of COVID-19 cases have been tied back to one of these events.

Meyers argues that President Trump and the Republican Party do not care about the pandemic or the number of deaths it has caused. Instead, the Late Night host mocks them for caring more about how they are treated in the media and online. One example Meyers points to is Sean Hannity’s claim that President Trump’s town hall on NBC was an “ambush” and he was unfairly treated by Savannah Guthrie.

A Closer Look examines what went wrong between President Trump and 60 Minutes

Another example came when President Trump suggested he was going to release footage from an interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes for “the sake of accuracy in reporting.” This came after it was reported that the president walked out of the interview and cut it short after becoming frustrated with Stahl’s questions.

Meyers pushes back at the president’s attempt to attack Stahl for not wearing a mask. The comedian has been hammering President Trump for the same thing since the pandemic began so Meyers doesn’t see it as the “gotcha” moment the president intended.

“A Closer Look” wraps up with Meyers reminding his audience that much of the devastation of the pandemic could have been mitigated if President Trump and his party focused more on preventative measures and less about media coverage. Meyers just hopes people remember that when it comes time to vote.

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