Bill Maher: Nothing is self-evident to President Trump

President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) /

Bill Maher’s New Rule argues that everything has to be in writing for President Trump to obey the law

In less than four years, President Donald Trump has upended many of the norms we associated with the White House. It was destined to happen, argues Bill Maher, because President Trump will violate every norm that is not in writing.

President Trump has filled his administration with family members, used his golf courses, resorts, and hotels for political purposes, dismissed the findings of his own intelligence community, vilified states that did not vote for him, and strained U.S. foreign relations with allies. Any one of these would be considered unusual for a sitting president. Taken all together, they reflect a pattern of behavior that President Trump carried from his private life into public office.

On last night’s Real Time, Maher reminded his audience of a key phrase in the Declaration of Independence: “we hold these truths to be self-evident.” Keying in on the term “self-evident,” Maher laid out his case for why nothing is self-evident to President Trump.

Bill Maher delivers another warning about President Trump and the election

There is a legitimate argument to be made when it comes to a strict or loose interpretation of the laws. But Bill Maher argues that President Trump has blown up this debate by going so far the other way. The Real Time host says if it is not explicitly written that he cannot do something, President Trump has made it clear he will go to any length to serve his own interests.

Maher points to the examples mentioned above and compares it to the 1976 movie Gus about a football-playing donkey. No rule says a football player has to be human, so Gus took the field for the California Atoms.

The late-night host goes on to deliver another warning about President Trump and how the Gusification of the election. Maher points out that there is no law stating that electors in the electoral college have to vote based on who wins a particular state. The Real Time host thinks this provides an opening for President Trump and his allies to interfere.

Maher has been sounding the alarm about the 2020 election for years now. He has predicted that President Trump will not leave the White House if he loses. He has warned that liberals are taking support for Joe Biden for granted and it could backfire.

The last thing Bill Maher wants to say is “I told you so.” But with these predictions, the Real Time host can at least say he tried to warn us.

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