Bill Maher confesses to being leader of QAnon conspiracy theory movement

Supporters of President Donald J. Trump at his rally in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (Photo by Rick Loomis/Getty Images)
Supporters of President Donald J. Trump at his rally in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania (Photo by Rick Loomis/Getty Images) /

Bill Maher explained how his conspiracy theories have been embraced

Real Time with Bill Maher isn’t a show fans turn to for shocking revelations. But that’s just what they got last night on the show as Bill Maher revealed himself to be Q, the man behind the QAnon conspiracy theory movement.

The basic beliefs of QAnon are that a deep state of politicians and celebrities are secretly Satan-worshiping pedophiles. Everything you’ve ever been told is a lie and there is a vast conspiracy to cover it all up. The only way to save humanity from this plague, according to QANon, is through President Donald Trump.

Somehow, these conspiracy theories have moved from the fringes of the internet into American politics. There are a number of Republican candidates running for office who have shared QAnon conspiracy theories or made it clear they are supporters.

President Trump was recently asked about QAnon and indicated he was unfamiliar with its beliefs. However, he did little to dismiss QAnon or condemn its baseless theories. In fact, he went so far as to say they were people “that love this country.”

It’s all part of the master plan, says Bill Maher. Last night on Real Time, Maher used his “New Rule” segment to out himself as Q and revealed how he has manipulated President Trump and others to embrace his conspiracies.

Bill Maher says that lunatics are going mainstream in American politics

As he reminded his viewers, this isn’t the first time Bill Maher has made his Q identity known. Two years ago he did the same thing. But back then, there is no way Maher would have believed that he’d still be talking about QAnon or reporting that 71 Republican candidates for Congress have espoused QAnon beliefs.

Yet here we are. Maher’s segment is part of a common theme in late-night and it’s coverage of President Trump. Real Time and other shows have argued that the president is the symptom, not the disease. The real problem is with the Republican Party. This position is most frequently pushed by Late Night with Seth Meyers in “A Closer Look.”

For Maher, President Trump is just an example of how in the Republican Party, today’s lunatic becomes tomorrow’s mainstream representative. And looking around today, Maher sees a lot of “his” QAnon disciples.

At the top is President Trump. Maher gets a few more jokes out of President Trump’s Twitter attack on him while pointing out that the president has said far worse things about the Real Time host than he ever has about conspiracy theorists.

Maher’s best advice for Q followers is to stay home on election day. It’s the opposite of the “get out and vote” message so many other people are pushing. But Maher is willing to make an exception for a certain (growing) population.

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