Seth Meyers: A Closer Look at Trump’s plot to destroy the post office

A Closer Look goes inside the Republican plan to dismantle the post office

Not many people would have guessed that the U.S. Postal Service would be a central piece in the 2020 election. But that was before President Donald Trump ramped up his rhetoric against mail-in voting. It’s also part of a decades-long movement by the Republican Party to dismantle the post office as Seth Meyers explained in “A Closer Look.”

By now, everyone is aware of the restructuring at the USPS by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. His policies have delayed mail delivery and made it harder for post offices to operate efficiently. President Trump has argued it’s all part of a revised strategy to make the post office profitable and reverse years of financial losses.

Count Seth Meyers among those who have countered that the post office is a public service and isn’t intended to be a money-making machine. Meyers is also among those who have warned that this the latest effort by President Trump to retain power and undermine democracy.

Meyers took a deeper dive into this during Monday night’s edition of “A Closer Look.” The Late Night host called it an assault on democracy while explaining the longstanding Republican position of privatizing the post office.

A Closer Look reminds viewers the attack on the USPS didn’t start with President Trump

For years, Seth Meyers has been calling President Donald Trump a symptom and not the disease that has infected the country. “A Closer Look” has exposed the corruption and self-dealing that has occurred over the past four years but has always made it clear that this is nothing new.

Instead, Late Night has made a concerted effort to place blame on the Republican Party and the conservative movement. It’s why Meyers says Republican lawmakers have been complicit in President Trump’s behavior and covered up for him at every turn.

The attack on the U.S. Postal Service is the latest example. Meyers highlights the history of Republicans working to privatize post offices and take the service out of the hands of the government despite the overwhelming support of the people. It’s not the first time “A Closer Look” has called out the GOP for acting against the interests of the majority.

If the changes at the USPS have the effects that President Trump hopes, it would be easier for him to win reelection or at the very least challenge the results. According to Seth Meyers, don’t expect the Republican Party to step up and do what’s right if that’s the case.

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