Maisie Williams reviews the end of Game of Thrones and Arya’s story

Maisie Williams reflected on how Game of Thrones ended for her character Arya Stark

Game of Thrones may have ended over a year ago but the HBO show continues to be discussed and dissected. It’s a testament to its popularity as well as how divisive the finale was for fans. Actress Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark, shared her thoughts last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Season eight of Game of Thrones ended with “The Iron Throne” on May 19, 2019. The season was battered by most critics and fans who thought the storytelling left something to be desired.

The team behind Game of Thrones was in a difficult spot. Nobody wanted the show to end and any finale was sure to split fans, all of whom had their own ideas on who should rule Westeros and who should live or die.

Even some cast members were less than thrilled with the way Game of Thrones ended. Maisie Williams had one of the biggest roles to play in season eight, portraying fan-favorite Arya, so her opinion carries some extra weight. She shared those thoughts on The Tonight Show after recapping her April Fools Day prank from last year. Needless to say, spoilers ahead if you’re a latecomer to Game of Thrones.

Maisie Williams may be in the minority when it comes to Game of Thrones fans

It turns out that even if Maisie Williams was never a threat to reveal any Game of Thrones spoilers. That’s because even when the plot point of Arya killing the Night King was right in front of her, she couldn’t figure out who “NK” could possibly be.

Williams revealed that she was thrilled with how Arya Stark’s story ended and how Game of Thrones wrapped up. That opinion puts her in the minority among fans of the show who continue to vent about the way things turned out. But Jimmy Fallon provided some nice perspective on how there is no such thing as a perfect ending, so however it was going to end was the right way to go.

Talk of how Game of Thrones ended is a good reminder of how massive of a cultural event it was when the finale aired. Late-night television especially made sure to make the most of it and had plenty of fun at the show’s expense.

Maisie Williams will probably be answering Game of Thrones questions for the rest of her career. But now thanks to this interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, everyone knows where she stands on the series finale and the fate of Arya Stark.

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