Now streaming: Girl Daddy from comic Beth Stelling and producer Conan O’Brien

Beth Stelling’s new comedy special produced by Conan O’Brien is on HBO Max

Conan O’Brien and Team Coco’s expansion into the biggest comedy brand in the world takes another step today. “Girl Daddy,” the stand-up special from comedian Beth Stelling goes live on HBO Max.

Team Coco is set to play a big role in how HBO Max develops its library of comedy content for the streaming service. Stand-up specials, original series, and content from the Conan late-night show are all going to be at subscribers’ fingertips.

Conan Without Borders already has a handful of the best episodes available to stream. And starting today, Aug. 20, the stand-up special “Girl Daddy” from Beth Stelling and producer Conan O’Brien is available to stream.

Beth Stelling has a long history with Conan O’Brien

Beth Stelling’s professional relationship with Conan O’Brien and Team Coco has come a long, long way. The comedian first appeared on Conan way back in 2012. She followed that up with another set in 2017. And now, she has an hourlong special on HBO Max produced by O’Brien.

O’Brien’s endorsement of Stelling is well-deserved. The comic has appeared on a number of late-night shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live!@midnight, and The Pete Holmes Show. A half-hour special on Comedy Central to go along with two album releases makes for an impressive resume.

Now Beth Stelling is hoping to reach an even bigger audience through HBO Max with the help of Team Coco. The comedy brand is also banking on Stelling’s talent and fanbase to help prove why HBO was smart to let O’Brien curate its stand-up selection. If the trailer is any indication, both Stelling and Team Coco will be happy with the response to”Girl Daddy.”

Team Coco already had a strong fan base thanks to Conan. Then things went to the next level with the company’s podcast network. And now with a move into streaming services, Conan O’Brien and friends’ comedy takeover can’t be stopped.

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