David Beckham puts James Corden through two hours of spin and boxing

David Beckham (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
David Beckham (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

David Beckham put James Corden’s fitness level to the test

When it comes to personal fitness, there may not be two people with more opposite approaches than James Corden and David Beckham. One wants to take a leisurely bike ride to a picnic while the other wants hours of high-intensity exercise. Their worlds collided on Thursday night’s The Late Late Show.

Corden only just recently left his garage to return to his Late Late Show studios in Los Angeles. The late-night host had been on an extended hiatus before getting back on television. Meanwhile, his friend David Beckham is out spreading the word on Inter Miami CF, the new MLS team he co-owns.

All that is to say that both men are very busy right now. But when a two-hour window opened up, Beckham and Corden decided to spend that free time together. However, it just wasn’t exactly what Corden envisioned.

Watch as Beckham puts the Late Late Show host through a tough spin class only to ramp things up with a boxing lesson. Safe to say Corden won’t be in a rush to hang out with Beckham next time he’s free.

David Beckham gets his revenge on James Corden

James Corden got off easy with the spin class compared to his visit to the boxing gym. At least at the spin class, he could get off the bike and run things at his own pace. In the gym, he was at the mercy of David Beckham and his trainer.

Beckham didn’t hold back in putting Corden through the exhausting workout. It’s hard not think that it may be a little bit of revenge for the statue prank Corden pulled on the soccer legend last year:

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This is the latest chapter in the Beckham-Corden friendship/rivalry. You can revisit more of their bits and sketches together by checking out The Late Late Show YouTube channel. Keep checking Last Night On for more highlights from James Corden and the rest of late-night television.