Sarah Cooper is a natural as a late-night television host

Sarah Cooper's TikTok page (Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Sarah Cooper's TikTok page (Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images) /

Sarah Cooper proved she can’t miss after guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The summer of Sarah Cooper continued on Tuesday night. The comedian was given the chance to guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was an absolute natural at the job.

Cooper has found her way into everyone’s phone this summer thanks to her videos parodying President Donald Trump. Whether on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, chances are you’ve seen her lip-synching to the latest bizarre rant from the president.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been taken over by guest hosts all summer while Jimmy Kimmel enjoys his vacation. Comedians like Sebastian Maniscalco, Nikki Glaser, and Whitney Cummings, actors Sean Hayes and Anthony Anderson, and singer Dua Lipa are among those who have given late-night hosting a shot.

And while everyone who has hosted so far has done well, Sarah Cooper stood out on Tuesday night. Despite having the least amount of experience in the public eye among the guest hosts, Cooper proved she was a natural right off the bat her monologue.

Sarah Cooper has a bright future in late-night television ahead of her

Sarah Cooper demonstrated that she had all the classic late-night host moves down, like pointing. She joins actress Brie Larson as graduates of Jimmy Kimmel’s School of Late-Night Host Mannerisms.

Her monologue effortlessly moved from self-deprecating humor to mocking the president, two things late-night fans appreciate these days. And Cooper didn’t disappoint her fans as she played the hits by finding a new way to lip-synch to the president.

Cooper’s interview skills were also on display. She talked with actor Ben Stiller about TikTok, life in quarantine, and Stiller’s work with the United Nations Refugee Agency. The conversation was relaxed and easy-going, making Cooper sound like an old pro at the late-night interview game.

Cooper has demonstrated that she can do much more than just parody the president. If Jimmy Kimmel Live! or any other late-night show needs a fill-in host, they would be wise to contact Cooper. She has already been a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and audiences should expect to see her invited on to more shows in the future.

Then there is the chance that Cooper gets her own late-night show. Her sense of humor fits in well with the genre’s current landscape while also standing out. We’ve seen that there is no such thing as overcrowding in the late-night space. Cooper could follow in the footsteps of Lilly Singh and make the jump from social media star to late-night host. Whether on a network, cable channel, or streaming service, Cooper would have plenty of potential landing spots for her own show.

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