Dua Lipa impresses as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dua Lipa (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP)
Dua Lipa (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP) /

Dua Lipa can add late-night television host to her list of accomplishments

Three Brit Awards. Two Grammys. One successful turn as a late-night television host. Dua Lipa’s list of accomplishments continued to grow on Monday night after an impressive performance as guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Lipa was the latest celebrity to fill in for Jimmy Kimmel while the comedian continues his summer vacation. Previous hosts have all been actors or stand-up comics but Lipa proved that her command of the stage and dance halls translated well to late-night hosting duties.

Whether it was delivering punchlines, playing off of Gulliermo, or having a little fun at her own expense, Dua Lipa looked like a natural while delivering her Jimmy Kimmel Live! monologue.

We’ve seen some strange sights on late-night television in 2020. Fans have seen their favorite hosts in their own homes, celebrities giving themselves haircuts over Zoom, and much more. But seeing Guillermo in a “Physical” inspired bodysuit may be up there for the most unexpected visual of the year.

If you tuned in to Jimmy Kimmel Live! and didn’t know who Dua Lipa was, then you’re not alone. You’re in the same category as the handful of senior citizens Lipa interviewed about pop music like hers. Even with a guest host, it wouldn’t be Jimmy Kimmel Live! without a prank thrown in the mix and Lipa was perfectly fine to put her ego on the line for the show.

Dua Lipa showed off her interview skills in a chat with Gwen Stefani

One of the best parts of guest hosts taking over Jimmy Kimmel Live! is the freedom they are given to choose their own interview guests. So far this summer, fans have seen Nikki Glaser talk to Paris Hilton, Anthony Anderson talk to Bubba Wallace, and Sean Hayes talk to Jason Bateman.

For her guest, Dua Lipa chose one of her musical heroes in Gwen Stefani. And even after noting that she’s never conducted an interview before, Lipa proved she’s a natural at that too.

Fans of Stefani curious about her life with Blake Shelton got some insight about their time in quarantine thanks to Lipa’s questions. She also had a rapid-fire collection of random questions for Kimmel, an interview style that Jimmy Kimmel has used in the past.

Lipa continued Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s success in picking guest hosts. So far, everyone who has been given the spotlight has done well. Fans of Dua Lipa certainly weren’t surprised to see her shine. On Tuesday night, it will be comedian and TikTok star Sarah Cooper‘s turn to run the show.

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