Sarah Cooper makes the jump to late-night host tonight

Comedian Sarah Cooper’s whirlwind summer continues tonight on late-night TV

During the quarantine and lockdown that came with the pandemic, we’ve all been trying to make the most of the situation. No one has done that more than comedian and social media star Sarah Cooper. Tonight, she’ll be front and center on late-night television for the latest step in her skyrocketing career.

Since April, Cooper has been all over TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram thanks to her videos lip-synching audio from President Donald Trump. When so many comedians are exaggerating the president’s words, Cooper has earned millions of views by sticking to the script President Trump gives her.

The result is that Cooper, who already published two successful books, has reached a new level of fame and notoriety in her comedy career. Veteran comedians have praised her work and she earned an interview spot on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Tonight Cooper moves up from guest to host. She’ll take over Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, becoming the first on Last Night On’s list of dream hosts to get the call.

What to expect from Sarah Cooper tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Sarah Cooper has a tough act to follow in Dua Lipa. The singer hosted on Monday night and did an impressive job especially considering she was the first non-actor/comedian to get the gig this summer.

Cooper will bring a different vibe to Jimmy Kimmel Live! but should be no less impressive. Fans can expect a bit more political humor from Cooper considering that is what got her here. Her monologue shouldn’t be too far off from what fans are used to hearing from Kimmel but in Cooper’s voice.

It is also possible that Cooper will debut a new TikTok video as part of her appearance. She did the same when she visited The Tonight Show so it could definitely happen. Cooper certainly isn’t short on any material given that President Trump has restarted his press briefings and continues to make gaffes at the podium and in interviews.

Cooper is set to interview actor Ben Stiller on tonight’s show. Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been letting the guest hosts pick who they interview so the conversation between Cooper and Stiller should be extra special. Stiller has been one of Cooper’s biggest fans on social media by commenting and sharing her videos.

What do you expect to see from Sarah Cooper tonight? Let us know in the comment section. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs tonight at 11:35 PM ET on ABC.