Jimmy Kimmel Live’s summer of guest hosts kicks off tonight

Jimmy Kimmel Live’s new look for the summer starts tonight

With the Fourth of July in the rearview mirror, the summer of 2020 is officially off and running. But with things being the way they are, this summer is likely to look and feel unlike any other in recent memory. The same will be true in late night television, especially for Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Jimmy Kimmel recently announced that he was taking an extended summer vacation this year. After doing his ABC late night show night after night for close to two decades now, Kimmel decided it was time to recharge and spend more time with his family and less time in front of the camera.

His announcement did come with a couple of of distractions. One was intentional in the form of a Matt Damon interruption. The other was not as Kimmel’s past use of blackface to impersonate black celebrities was once again brought to the pubic’s attention. Kimmel issued an apology and statement on the controversy and also noted his planned absence this summer to stop any speculation that it was mandated by ABC.

But even without Kimmel, the show goes on. Jimmy Kimmel Live! will continue to produce remote episodes with help from a rotating cast of guest hosts. The special summer event kicks off tonight.

Anthony Anderson is Jimmy Kimmel Live’s first guest host this summer

To help get things started on the right foot, Jimmy Kimmel Live! is turning to a friend. Actor Anthony Anderson will host tonight, Monday, July 6, and tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 7.

This won’t be Anderson’s first time as a guest host, either. In addition to a turn guest hosting The Late Late Show with James Corden,  Anderson was among those who helped fill in for Kimmel after the birth of his son Billy in 2017.

It will be worth noting to see if Anderson addresses Kimmel’s controversy. The two are good friends and Anderson has made countless appearances on the late night show. The backlash against Kimmel will be the elephant in the room and it’s up to Anderson if he wants to be the first to speak about it on camera.

Beyond that, there are plenty of other things to look out for as Anderson hosts over the next two nights. His mother Doris has become something of a celebrity in her own right. She served as another security guard with Guillermo during Anderson’s last turn as host. With the show still going remote, fans may see Anderson check in with his mother.

Anderson will also be getting an assist from a strong guest lineup. Things start tonight with his blackish co-star Tracee Ellis Ross. The ABC sitcom finished its sixth season back in May and has been renewed for a seventh.

Anderson will then interview Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. Mayor Bowser has been in the news during the protests over racial equality. She should provide Anderson with an update of how D.C. is now and could also comment on the latest vote over statehood for the nation’s capital.

It will certainly be a can’t-miss episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight. Fans are in for an honest discussion on social issues as well as a lot of entertainment. Few people bring the level of energy as Anthony Anderson and it should be obvious even through the remote episode.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! with guest host Anthony Anderson airs tonight at 11:35 PM ET on ABC. Let us know what you expect to see from tonight’s show in the comment section. Then be sure to check back with Last Night On for all the highlights.

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