Seth Meyers: A Closer Look at Trump’s coronavirus and secret police plans

Seth Meyers used A Closer Look to argue President Trump is trying to trick Americans

With the pandemic still far from under control, President Donald Trump has engaged in another crisis regarding protests across the country. Both are being used by the president to trick Americans ahead of the election as Seth Meyers explained in “A Closer Look.”

The president resumed his daily coronavirus briefings this week. The previous installments were frequent targets for “A Closer Look” as President Trump had a tendency to contradict medical experts, downplay the pandemic’s severity, and suggest his own treatment options.

The briefings come during a time in which federal agents have been dispatched to Portland, Oregon to control ongoing protests in the city. The use of unmarked vehicles and unidentified law enforcement groups has been widely condemned. Yet President Trump has doubled down on these tactics and suggested they could be replicated in other cities.

In Wednesday night’s “A Closer Look,” Seth Meyers argued that President Trump is trying to trick Americans into thinking he cares about the novel coronavirus pandemic. And the president’s effort to police certain cities is part of a plan to solve a problem he created.

A Closer Look broke down why President Trump strategies will fail

If the coronavirus daily briefings were designed to reassure the country of his leadership and strike a new tone, President Donald Trump failed almost immediately. That is the assessment from Seth Meyers in “A Closer Look,” noting that the president took time out to send his well wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell.

It is clear that President Trump has to do something to improve his poll numbers. He’s hoping that the strong television ratings the briefings earned last time around will translate to higher approval ratings. The problem, as Meyers points out, is that the president rarely does himself any favors when speaking into a microphone.

Meyers also criticizes the media that were quick to suggest President Trump found a new tone regarding the pandemic. This has happened before and didn’t last long so Meyers isn’t sure why anyone is expecting something different.

What is new is President Trump’s strategy to crack down on protests around the country. The scene playing out in Portland has led some like Stephen Colbert to call it the “darkest point” of the Trump’s presidency.

But again, Meyers doesn’t think this strategy will work for President Trump. The Late Night host reveals that the “violent anarchists” are just spraying graffiti on buildings and committing light property damage. And Meyers points out that the federal government knows what it is doing in Portland is an abuse of power. If they know it, then the American public knows it and won’t support it.

Meyers sums up President Trump’s strategy as ignoring the health and safety of Americans in favor of holding on to power. It isn’t exactly a surprising one to Meyers given what he’s seen from this White House. The only surprise will be if it actually works and President Trump secures his reelection.

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