Stephen Colbert: Trump wants chaos and conflict to help his reelection

Stephen Colbert tried to understand President Donald Trump’s latest policies

2016 taught us not to put too much stock into pre-election polls. But for those desperate to see a change in the White House come November, the numbers continue to be encouraging. And as Stephen Colbert explained, the polls also mean that President Donald Trump is turning to drastic measures to make up ground.

According to a recent poll from ABC News and The Washington Post, former Vice President Joe Biden has a 15 point lead over President Trump. Vice President Biden’s popularity in suburbs, along with President Trump’s poor marks in handling the pandemic, has suggested that it could be one term and done for President Trump.

Seeing his hold on power slipping away has led President Trump to reassess his campaign strategy. Changes have been made among his campaign ranks while attempts to vilify Joe Biden have largely failed. This has resulted in what many see as President Trump doubling down on some of the rhetoric and policies that excited his base in 2016.

Stephen Colbert discussed two such examples during his Late Show monologue on Tuesday night. Colbert covered the Trump administration’s latest approach to immigrants and revisited the ongoing crisis in Portland, Oregon.

Stephen Colbert says President Trump is trying to overstep his powers in the White House

Stephen Colbert knows just as well as anyone that President Donald Trump has a history of pushing the envelope when it comes to his authority. That is putting it mildly when you consider he was impeached over a quid pro quo, his use of executive orders, and a number of other examples of his administration acting above the law.

The latest examples have come in the past few days. Colbert notes that President Trump doesn’t have the authority to alter the census regarding undocumented aliens. Instead, the Late Show host sees it as another opportunity for President Trump to demonize immigrants.

Then there is the crisis in Portland. Colbert already called the use of unidentified federal agents to arrest protestors the darkest point of the Trump presidency. On Tuesday night, Colbert called the actions “unconstitutional” and quickly dismissed the president’s claim that the federal government is trying to help Portland.

Colbert expressed genuine concern that things are only going to worse. It has been confirmed that federal agents are preparing to go to Chicago next. Colbert warns that this conflict is exactly what President Trump wants because it makes him feel “like a big man.” The late night host thinks that the more chaos, the more President Trump likes his chances to reverse his poor poll numbers.

Typically, Colbert tries to offer some message of optimism when he sees things getting particularly dark. But the situation in Portland and the potential for copies in Chicago and New York City are unlike anything else Colbert has covered in the past four years. So his best weapon right now is his ability to make audiences laugh while also calling out abuses of power when he sees them.

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