Colin Jost confesses to stealing from Bill Murray

Colin Jost came clean about what he took from Bill Murray

It is hard to think of a more beloved comedian than Bill Murray. So maybe Saturday Night Live‘s Colin Jost can be forgiven for letting his fandom get the best of himself when he visited Murray’s house.

Jost is currently out promoting his new book A Very Punchable Face: A Memoir. The collection of essays covers Jost’s childhood in New York City, his college years at Harvard, his stand-up career, and behind the scenes at Saturday Night Live with the “Weekend Update” co-host.

Jost was hired as a writer at Saturday Night Live in 2005. That means he has a lot of stories from Studio 8H that will make SNL fans want to pick up a copy of A Very Punchable Face. It also means that Jost has had the chance to meet and hang out with comedy icons from SNL’s orbit.

One of those legends is Bill Murray. During his interview with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s The Tonight Show, Jost confessed that his love for Murray led him flat out steal from the famous comedian’s home during a party.

Colin Jost hopes Bill Murray can forgive him for stealing

This Bill Murray story is just a small taste of what Jost covers in A Very Punchable Face. Hearing that he stole from Murray may make that face look even more punchable for some Murray die-hards who revere the CaddyshackGhostbusters, and Life Aquatic star.

Given how many stories are out there about Bill Murray and his eccentricity, he probably can appreciate Colin Jost helping himself to a copy of the photograph. For comedy fans, a candid shot of Murray and Richard Pryor joking around has incredible value. For Murray, it was clutter that was on the way to the trash.

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