Jimmy Kimmel Live’s best guest host moments

Brie Larson (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)
Brie Larson (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney) /
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Jimmy Kimmel Live’s best bits and segments with guest hosts

With the monologue done, it is usually time for the host to get into a pre-recorded sketch or pull off some bit to keep the audience laughing. These segments can range from a surprise appearance to a clip that took all day to film.

It can also include a segment with an animal expert as Neil Patrick Harris got to experience in Dec. 2017. Jimmy Kimmel usually hosts Dave Salmoni on the show but here Harris got up close and personal with reptile expert Jules Sylvester.

Fans of Kimmel know that he is never comfortable around animals no matter how big or small. He typically keeps at a safe distance behind his desk as Salmoni shows off birds, snakes, and anything else imaginable.

But Harris seems much more comfortable with Sylvester. Staying so calm compared allowed Harris to ask some good questions and let Sylvester educate the audience while Harris kept them entertained.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! has always made the most of the show’s studio on Hollywood Boulevard. No other late night show relies on its location as much as the ABC show. Whether it is interviewing the costumed superheroes out front or stopping tourists to play a game, Jimmy Kimmel Live! gets incredible content right outside its front door.

Jennifer Lawrence took advantage of this when she guest hosted in Nov. 2017. She took to the street and put fans on the spot. Most either had no idea who Lawrence was or too star-struck to come up with any of her movies. The lone exception was Guillermo who proved that he may be the biggest Jennifer Lawrence fan on all of Hollywood Boulevard. And speaking of Jennifer Lawrence…