Jimmy Kimmel faces his most dangerous animal guest yet

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

Dave Salmoni returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live! with animals both adorable and dangerous.

Once again, Jimmy Kimmel invited animal expert Dave Salmoni to his late night show. And once again, Kimmel was on edge for most of the segment. At least this time it was for a good cause.

Salmoni has been a Jimmy Kimmel Live! guest for years. The animals he brings to show off to Kimmel and his audience range from cute and cuddly to dangerous and deadly. But if you were to judge by Kimmel’s reactions , every animal is a moment away from attack.

Wednesday night was more of the same as Salmoni showcased animals that most in the audience found cute and amusing, until the end. Kimmel, cautious as ever, kept his guard up throughout the segment of animal encounters. And for once, Kimmel’s phobias were called for as Salmoni introduced one of the more dangerous animals he’s ever brought to Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Watch as Salmoni brings out a few animals native to Australia. He and Kimmel both offered ways in which fans can donate to organizations helping those animals displaced or harmed by the wildfires in Australia.

It is no guarantee that Kimmel will agree to hold an animal when Dave Salmoni is on the show. So the fact that Kimmel was open to holding a grey fox signaled a major step forward as far as the trust in their host-guest relationship. It just didn’t last long as Kimmel complained about the fox’s smell and Salmoni told the late night host that the fox was nocturnal and liked to bite.

Kimmel was much more at ease with the cockatoo. If Jimmy Kimmel Live! wants to keep having animal segments, perhaps a bird expert is one way to compromise with the host. Just as long as there aren’t any vultures or other birds of prey, Kimmel should be fine.

Kimmel teased that this segment featured the most dangerous animal yet. Salmoni brought out a rattlesnake that made Kimmel especially uncomfortable and eager to wrap up the segment. Many fans noted that Kimmel did not interrupt Salmoni as much as he has in the past. Maybe Kimmel was just paralyzed while staring at the venomous snake just a few feet away.

That theory went out the window when the snake showed just a quick glimpse of a strike. It was enough to get a reaction from the audience and send Kimmel up on to his desk. Finally, Kimmel’s fear seemed justified no matter how much Salmoni tried to reassure him.

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It’s hard to imagine that Jimmy Kimmel will want Dave Salmoni back on the show anytime soon. Kimmel probably feels that way after every Salmoni appearance but after watching what that rattlesnake did, can you blame him?