A Closer Look: Seth Meyers says Trump using racism as his re-election strategy

Seth Meyers (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC)
Seth Meyers (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC) /

In A Closer Look, Seth Meyers discussed President Trump’s last-ditch re-election effort

The election is about four and a half months away, meaning that President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are starting to ramp up their campaigns. Polls show President Trump trailing and that could be why Seth Meyers sees a familiar strategy coming back into play. The Late Night host explained in “A Closer Look.”

While there is plenty of time for things to change, Joe Biden holds a comfortable lead over President Trump including in some key states. The Democrat recently held a successful fundraiser with help from former President Barack Obama and could soon announce his vice president selection.

Meanwhile, President Trump has his hands full. COVID-19 cases are spiking in some states, former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s book leveled more corruption allegations against the administration, and Attorney General Bill Barr is under scrutiny for possible abuse of power.

Still, the president has started to get the ball rolling on his re-election campaign. A rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma was followed by another event in Phoenix, Arizona. Both appearances resulted in criticism of President Trump for racist remarks.

It’s all part of the plan, says Seth Meyers. Wednesday night’s “A Closer Look” argued that President Trump has no other way to win the Nov. election than to double-down on racism. And Meyers says the president is getting some help, too:

A Closer Look argued that Trump’s remaining allies are helping any way they can

This installment of “A Closer Look” was one of the rare occasions in which Seth Meyers appears genuinely exhausted by President Trump. A barrage of stories all point to incompetence, corruption, and the rule of law eroding. Meyers sounds like he truly has had enough.

But people like Meyers giving up and becoming numb is instrumental to President Trump’s re-election strategy, says the Late Night host. It is why the president has doubled-down on his racist rhetoric.

Meyers calls Fox News and the conservative movement desperate and morally bankrupt. It isn’t exactly a new accusation from Meyers when it comes to Fox News. But now the objective isn’t to keep President Trump on top but to help him play catch-up to Joe Biden and the growing movement against the current administration. There are no policies to showcase nor is there any good news to share.

The last card left to play is “racist fear-mongering” says Meyers. Clips from Fox News claiming the Black Lives Matter movement wants to steal property, mobs are militias for Democrats, and Joe Biden equals chaos are all last-ditch efforts on a sinking ship according to Late Night.

Meyers sounds convinced that this is what happening with President Trump’s re-election. He also sounds confident that it won’t work in 2020 the way it did in 2016. Otherwise, the Late Night host is looking at another exhausting four years.

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