Bill Maher calls on millennials to save the economy

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Bill Maher wants healthy young Americans to get the country moving again

Millennials have been a popular punchline for late night comedians and just about anyone else looking to ridicule a younger generation. But now one of those comedians, Bill Maher, says these same young people are the key to restarting the economy and rescuing the country.

Mocking other generations is nothing new in comedy. From criticizing participation trophies to “safe spaces,” plenty has been said about millennials. It’s not fair to generalize an entire population born between 1980 and 1994 but then again,  jokes and stereotypes aren’t always fair either.

Bill Maher certainly has had his fair share to say about millennials. The Real Time host has long been opposed to political correctness and coddling, two concepts routinely used to chide millennials.

But now Maher is calling on this group to be America’s savior. As more states enter new phases of reopening during the pandemic, Maher wants millennials to rise to the challenge. In his latest “New Rule” segment Maher explained why the young and healthy are the key to the country’s future.

Bill Maher continues to connect the pandemic to America’s bigger health crisis

The early days of quarantine and social distancing saw many television personalities and pundits call for business as usual. Anyone suggesting that the health of the economy outweighed the health of the elderly was met with backlash.

Now it sounds as if Maher is leaning in that direction but hasn’t completely jumped ship. He clarifies that only health millennials should go out shopping or to the beach or to restaurants. Those who are at-risk or spend time with senior citizens should stay home. Otherwise, Maher sees little to no risk for young people who already acted invincible before the pandemic hit.

Maher once again compared public health in America to other countries. Throughout the pandemic, the Real Time host has pointed to American food habits and health crises that have exacerbated COVID-19’s effects.

These problems are going away overnight. So in the meantime, Maher wants millennials to rise to the occasion. The generation’s collective health, strength, and immune system are what will pull the country out of an economic crisis while we await a solution to the health crisis.

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