Seth Meyers questions Trump’s plan to reopen economy in A Closer Look

Seth Meyers (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Yext)
Seth Meyers (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Yext) /

Seth Meyers warned that President Donald Trump doesn’t have the patience to get through the pandemic.

Everyone is eager to get life back to normal and “reopen” the country and economy. But doing so during a pandemic takes patience and sound judgment–two qualities that Seth Meyers argued President Donald Trump lacks in Monday night’s edition of “A Closer Look.”

Late Night with Seth Meyers and other late night shows have shared their perspective on how the Trump administration botched the COVID-19 response. Now during his press briefings, President Trump has attempted to rewrite history and push back against that narrative.

Included in his briefings are President Trump’s thoughts on how and when the country will “reopen.” And like others, this is a topic where the president differs from medical experts over what is reasonable and what is safe.

This specific topic was the focus of Monday night’s “A Closer Look.” Late Night with Seth Meyers cited a New York Times report on how President Trump ignored warnings as proof that the White House isn’t capable of making the right call when it comes to restarting the economy.

Meyers points to the New York Times article to support his claim that President Trump’s decision making can’t be trusted. He highlights excerpts from the report critical of the White House relying more on “intuition” than science and data.

And now it seems as if that same intuition and gut instinct is being credited with the plan to reopen the country as soon as possible. Meyers goes on a riff mocking Jeanine Pirro’s question on what President Trump looks for inside himself. The comedian uses some very creative ways to call out President Trump’s shallowness and even backs it up by pointing to the president’s demand for praise from Fox News.

It was another excellent edition of “A Closer Look” but Late Night fans have come to expect nothing less. Meyers also managed to have a little fun with his fans in this clip. Did you notice the copies of The Thorn Birds multiplying on his desk? And we also finally found out what, or who, was hiding behind that tiny door.

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When to “reopen” the country is a difficult, challenging decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For Seth Meyers, those parameters immediately eliminate Donald Trump as the right person for the job. No matter what the White House decides, Late Night will be ready with another edition of “A Closer Look.”