Stephen Colbert responds to Trump’s conspiracy theory on Buffalo protestor

Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images) /

Stephen Colbert explained why President Donald Trump attacked the character of an injured protestor

Newly released polls suggest that a majority of Americans support the protests happening all across the country. A majority also disapprove of how President Donald Trump has handled the demonstrations. Stephen Colbert explained why the president’s latest tweet about Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old protestor in Buffalo injured after being pushed by police, isn’t helping.

Colbert certainly isn’t surprised to see what side a majority of Americans are on when it comes to the demonstrations and White House response. The Late Show was quick to condemn President Trump and nearly every action taken since has been criticized by Colbert.

Much like the president wanted to rush through quarantine to reopen the country and help his reelection campaign, Colbert thinks lashing out at protestors is Donald Trump’s way of handling his poor poll numbers. If the president needs someone to blame for trailing Joe Biden, the protestors appear to be an easy target.

Perhaps that is why President Trump tweeted out a conspiracy theory that Martin Gugino, currently hospitalized with a fractured skull, was an Antifa agitator attempting to scramble police equipment only to then exaggerate his fall. Stephen Colbert picked things up from there:

Stephen Colbert suggested Trump’s tweet is part of his overall reelection strategy

There is no productive reason behind a tweet like the one sent by the president. Protests following the death of George Floyd have been going on for weeks but are no less tense, passionate, or effective. Adding a conspiracy theory into the mix from the nation’s leader is not helpful, especially when it was inspired by a report from the controversial OANN media outlet.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has long tried to get inside the mind of Donald Trump. So Colbert took his best crack at figuring out why the tweet attacking George Gugino was sent:

"Trump is trying to demonize the man. Because he knows  he has to convince all the old white voters–that he needs to get relected–not to sympathize with Gugino. Which is a tall order because it turns out, Martin Gugino is a pretty sympathetic character."

If a key demographic in President Trump’s reelection bid turns a sympathetic eye toward Gugino and other protests victimized by violent tactics, then that only decreases the chances of President Trump securing their votes.

Colbert applauds former Vice President Joe Biden for his address to George Floyd’s funeral. The Late Show host contrasts it with the current president’s strategy for leading a nation in crisis, making it hard to argue which is the more healing, effective approach. It was another example in Colbert’s ongoing search for moral leadership and the comedian is hopeful that the search will end come November.

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