Stephen Colbert: Trump’s fanboy wishes are coming true

Stephen Colbert (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for 2019 Montclair Film Festival )
Stephen Colbert (Photo by Lars Niki/Getty Images for 2019 Montclair Film Festival ) /

Stephen Colbert discussed the inspiration behind President Trump’s anti-protest measures.

Protests around the country continued through Wednesday. President Donald Trump has made it clear that he wants to put an end to all demonstrations as quickly as possible. But the tactics used in Washington, D.C. are a major cause for concerns, says Stephen Colbert.

The signature moment of D.C.’s protests was the peaceful gathering near St. John’s Episcopal Church that was dispersed by force to make way for the president’s photo-op. The move was overwhelmingly condemned despite the White House’s attempt to defend itself.

Reports have come out detailing the thought process behind quelling protests from President Trump and his advisers. The use of multiple agencies, drones, and intimidation tactics have been questioned by some who consider it an escalation.

During his Late Show monologue on Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert was reminded of his initial reaction when President Trump won the 2016 election. Watch as he explains how the president’s fanboy admiration of dictators and authoritarians is behind his protest response:

Stephen Colbert warned of the trickle-down effect on local police.

Colbert has long been critical of President Trump’s praise for world leaders others find morally reprehensible. Yet the president has not shied away from praising those who use force and intimidation to govern. The Late Show host now says that we’re seeing the culmination of that admiration play out in America as confrontation and escalation are encouraged.

Colbert uses his monologue to look at how the example set in Washington influences local police departments. Excessive countermeasures and military-grade equipment don’t exactly send a message of reassurance or community, argues Colbert.

Despite these uncertain times and disturbing scenes, Colbert brings more than enough humor to his monologue. Throughout the past few months, The Late Show has been able to strike the right balance of commentary and comedy, adding to the conversation without preaching or fear-mongering.

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