A Closer Look: Seth Meyers condemns Trump’s response to George Floyd protests

Seth Meyers (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for AMC)
Seth Meyers (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for AMC) /

Seth Meyers used A Closer Look to criticize President Trump and the escalation of violence.

A week of protests around the country has left things in a state of unrest and uncertainty. In “A Closer Look,” Seth Meyers argued that we won’t find leadership through this crisis from the White House as the Late Night host once again ripped President Donald Trump.

Over 75 cities have been the site of protests, demonstrations, and riots in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Local police departments, mayors, and governors have tried to maintain order while also allowing for peaceful demonstrations to occur.

Protests in Washington, D.C. have escalated with hundreds of people gathering near the White House. For his part, President Donald Trump initially responded to Floyd’s death through comments to the media, promising justice would be served. It has since turned his attention to the protests and riots across the country, calling for more forceful measures to be used.

President Trump’s message both privately and publicly, as well as the way he has delivered it, was condemned by Seth Meyers on Monday night. Late Night returned after a week off and Meyers wasted no time in sounding off on the president and police escalation of violence:

In A Closer Look, Seth Meyers added “deranged” as another way to describe the president.

If you ask Seth Meyers, the Late Night host would probably say that there is never a good time for President Trump to tweet. Turning to Twitter during a national crisis and racial tension wasn’t a wise strategy given the need for nuanced discussion. Instead, Meyers highlights out President Trump sent out vague threats and did little to reassure the country of his leadership abilities.

But things were even worse when the president used the phone to talk to governors, says Meyers. “A Closer Look” puts the spotlight on President Trump blasting governors for their “weak” response to protests. Meyers calls the president’s call “deranged,” adding to a growing list of Late Night adjectives for President Trump that also includes “unhinged” and “insane.”

Meyers pivots from the president’s call to “dominate” to a discussion on the militarization of police culture. He cites examples of escalated violence across the country when police responded to peaceful protests. The host then questions why local police departments have tanks and other costly military equipment while medical professionals and teachers do not have some of the most basic resources.

If change is going to come, Meyers doesn’t see it coming through the leadership of President Trump or New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio. It doesn’t see pundits like Tucker Carlson helping things, either.

In fact, Meyers closes out “A Closer Look” by suggesting that President Trump doesn’t say anything because he could only make things worse. Meyers concludes that blame for a lack of accountability and the leadership void belongs to the president.

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Fans knew that late night hosts across the board were going to respond to George Floyd’s death, the protests, and the White House response. What did you think of Seth Meyers and “A Closer Look” last night? Let us know in the comments.