Jimmy Kimmel reacts to Trump’s empty Twitter threats

Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Global Citizen )
Jimmy Kimmel (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Global Citizen ) /

Jimmy Kimmel responded to the latest in President Donald Trump’s feud with Twitter.

President Donald Trump has a long history of turning on those who were once close to him. Former employees and members of his administration have felt his wrath after severing ties. Is Twitter headed for the same fate? Not likely, says Jimmy Kimmel.

President Trump continued his new feud with the social media platform on Thursday. He signed an executive order designed to make Twitter and similar platforms more liable for lawsuits. It comes just days after Twitter labeled the president tweets on mail-in voter fraud as potentially misleading. The president also threatened that he would shut down Twitter altogether if it was legally possible.

Critics were quick to point out that the measure likely won’t have any teeth. Most legal experts agree that the order risks infringing on the First Amendment. Those critical of President Trump himself wondered why he was so fast to react to Twitter compared to his delayed response to the pandemic.

Jimmy Kimmel enjoyed the first round of Trump vs. Twitter earlier this week. But when the president took things to a new level, the comedian seemed more annoyed especially by another empty threat coming from the White House:

Jimmy Kimmel says that President Trump could never give up Twitter.

According to the president, Twitter is limiting his freedom of speech by fact-checking his tweets. It is a questionable argument but it’s understandable why the president is sensitive about it. Twitter has long been used for him to control narratives, spin headlines, and introduce talking points without any pushback.

For that reason, Jimmy Kimmel knows there is no way President Trump would ever shut down Twitter. The comedian has been tracking @realdonaldtrump for years now and it’s obvious to Kimmel that the president is addicted.

Kimmel certainly doesn’t want Twitter to be shut down, either. If the president doesn’t tweet, then Jimmy Kimmel Live! loses a major source of material for its monologues. And then there would be no more “Mean Tweet” segments. Luckily for Kimmel, the executive order sounds unlikely to change anything.

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