Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes and more hit by Kimmel’s Mean Tweets

A new NFL edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Mean Tweets targeted some of the game’s biggest stars including Tom Brady.

NFL fans can be excused for being on edge. With the Super Bowl just days away, so too is the end of the NFL season and another year of cheering on their favorite players and jeering those they hate. But as Tom Brady and others found out, somethings things can go a little too far.

Sunday brings the arrival of Super Bowl LIV in Miami between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. It’s the last game of the NFL season that started back in July with training camp. Throughout the season the dedication and passion of fans proved once again that football is king in American sports.

That passion is evident in how NFL fans follow their teams and trash talk everybody else. It’s impossible to ignore the chatter on social media every Sunday. And nobody knows Twitter trash talk better than Jimmy Kimmel.

In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, Jimmy Kimmel Live! put together their fourth edition of “NFL Mean Tweets.” It features Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, who can get some revenge by winning the Super Bowl for the Chiefs on Sunday. And then there is Tom Brady who is on the receiving end of an insult that goes too far.

The “Mean Tweets” weren’t exactly evenly distributed among the players. Brady shows up three different times to read what Twitter uses think of him. That must be the price you pay when you’re the greatest of all-time. Or maybe the producers behind the scenes at Jimmy Kimmel Live! aren’t the biggest Patriots fans in the world.

Patrick Mahomes has replaced Tom Brady as the face of the NFL in the minds of many fans. Look no further than that FanSided 250 list of the hottest fandoms to see that Mahomes took the top spot. But like Brady, Mahomes gets a quick reminder that even the most popular players in the league are not immune to mean tweets.

All in all, the tweets from NFL weren’t too bad except for the one going after Brady’s dog. NBA fans may be safe as the most ruthless and vicious off all sports fans when it comes to mean tweets.

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Who do you think got it the worst in this edition of “Mean Tweets?” Did Twitter go too far on Tom Brady? Let us know in the comment section and keep checking in with Last Night On for the latest from late night television.

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