Late Night compares President Trump’s life in quarantine to The Shining

The White House (Photo by Al Drago/Getty Images)
The White House (Photo by Al Drago/Getty Images) /

Late Night with Seth Meyers drew inspiration from a horror classic to imagine life at the White House right now.

While most states are slowly starting to reopen, quarantine is still a major part of many people’s lives. Some have adjusted quite well and others may be starting to crack. Late Night with Seth Meyers thinks it knows which side President Donald Trump and his family are on at the White House.

President Trump has been eager to see Americans out and about, boosting the economy and in turn his reelection chances. His latest trip to the golf course is another sign that social distancing suggestions from medical experts are losing out to his schedule.

Late Night with Seth Meyers has been relentless in criticizing President Trump. Everything from his response to the pandemic to the mixed messages the White House has sent Americans has been covered in “A Closer Look.”

Now Late Night has a new theory on why President Trump is so desperate to leave the White House. Like so many others, the president may be going more than a little stir crazy while quarantined:

Late Night with Seth Meyers makes Trump the star of The Shining.

President Trump is compared to Jack Torrance, the main character in The Shining played by Jack Nicholson. The only difference is that Jack wanted the isolation of the Overlook Hotel so he could get his work done. Seth Meyers has made it clear President Trump doesn’t get much done at the White House and would much rather be at a rally or on the golf course.

The Shining proved that isolation can drive people crazy and make them fly off the handle. Seth Meyers might be worried the same is happening to President Trump. His Twitter outbursts certainly suggest that he needs more stimulation.

Late Night fans know that Seth Meyers has been perfecting his Donald Trump impressions for years now. “Late Night Storytime” has figured out a way for Meyers to use it beyond just reading tweets or mocking the president’s press briefings.

These cartoons are a creative way for Late Night to make new content and package jokes in a different way. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has set an example of how late night television and animation can crossover with hilarious results. Seth Meyers continues to be right alongside Colbert with “Storytime.”

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