A Closer Look: Seth Meyers on Team Trump testing themselves, not you

Seth Meyers (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for AMC)
Seth Meyers (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for AMC) /

Seth Meyers used A Closer Look to examine the Trump administration’s stance on COVID-19 testing.

Beyond a lack of leadership, Seth Meyers biggest issue during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the inconsistent message coming from the White House. With testing protocols becoming the latest example, Late Night decided it was time for “A Closer Look.”

The messaging problem has been a theme among all the late night shows covering the Trump administration’s pandemic response. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has covered it and so too has The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

A report on Thursday revealed that a valet working with President Donald Trump tested positive for the novel coronavirus. It came after President Trump insisted that he didn’t need to wear a mask while touring a factory.

It also meant that more testing is necessary in the White House. But that contradicts the administration’s position that widespread testing is unnecessary. Seth Meyers used this as a jumping-off point to once again attack President Trump, government officials, and their allies who seem to operate under a different set of rules than the American public:

Medical experts have made it clear that testing should be a priority. The Centers for Disease Control drafted guidelines on safely reopening the country slowly but surely. Meyers points out that these recommendations have been ignored by the Trump administration to support the idea that everything is ready to go back to normal. Meanwhile, those working in close contact with the president are still testing positive.

It is understandable that the president’s health and safety is a priority. Meyers isn’t arguing against testing President Trump, his staff, or those working with him daily. Instead, the Late Night host just wants the same priority on testing included in messages to the public. It’s easy to say everyone should get back to work when you know you and your staff can be tested at any time.

Seth Meyers isn’t buying any of President Donald Trump’s excuses on testing or the failures of past administrations. He has made it clear that the White House completely botched its response to the pandemic no matter how badly Team Trump wants to act like everything is normal.

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