Trevor Noah says Tiger King Joe Exotic could be the president

Tiger King - Credit: Netflix
Tiger King - Credit: Netflix /

In Trevor Noah’s eyes, there aren’t many differences between the Tiger King star and the president of the United States.

The world has desperately been seeking distractions and an escape from life in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. For millions, the Netflix documentary Tiger King has provided that relief. And according to The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah, there is something very familiar about Joe Exotic.

Tiger King is the most popular title on Netflix right now and for good reason. It has just about everything audiences look for when deciding what to binge. It has absurd characters, twists and turns, true-crime drama, and cute animals all while exposing the seedy underworld of private zoos.

At the center is the Tiger King himself Joe Exotic. The big cat breeder put himself on top of an empire built by shady practices, indulged in conspiracy theories, sought fame through reality television, and used social media to relentlessly bully his enemies.

Sound like anyone you know? For Trevor Noah, Joe Exotic shares many parallels with President Donald Trump. The Daily Show host connected the dots from his living room in another quarantined edition of the late-night show.

It is hard to argue with Noah’s evidence as he shares clips of President Donald Trump that backs up everything he says about Joe Exotic. Self-centered, disorganized, and winging-it all describe Donald Trump and Joe Exotic. The president has a strong, passionate base of supporters who approve of his behavior and attitude. If the same qualities exist in the Tiger King then President Exotic isn’t so far-fetched.

If you watched Tiger King then you know that Joe Exotic had a couple failed campaigns. But if we consider the case laid out by Noah, maybe Joe was just ahead of his time? His 2016 bid for the White House earned him 962 votes. Noah argues that President Trump has completely reinvented what is acceptable so who knows how Exotic would do at the polls now.

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