Seth Meyers calls Trump unhinged for fighting with governors and reporters

Seth Meyers (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Yext)
Seth Meyers (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Yext) /

Seth Meyers continued to question President Donald Trump’s leadership during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Frequent viewers of Late Night with Seth Meyers have heard the host refer to President Donald Trump in all sorts of ways. The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought out even more colorful language from Seth Meyers with the latest being “unhinged” in describing the president’s interaction with governors and reporters.

Late Night has been on top of the COVID-19 outbreak in the U.S. from the start. Meyers has relentlessly criticized President Trump’s response to both the virus and the media coverage of his administration.

As things have escalated, so too has the need for President Trump to demonstrate real leadership. States are looking to the federal government for guidance and the public wants reassurance. In Seth Meyers’ eyes, President Trump has repeatedly failed all while becoming further and further detached from reality.

Meyers explained his position in another at-home edition of “A Closer Look” on Thursday night. The Late Night host also took some time to reflect on those critiquing his work-from-home productions:

President Trump’s transactional approach to everything is a common theme in “A Closer Look.” Meyers has highlighted ways in which Donald Trump has profited from the White House and enriched his businesses while in office. The Late Night host was holding out hope that a national health crisis would sideline that approach but it does not seem to be the case.

Instead, Meyers spends most of “A Closer Look” insulting President Trump. Lashing out at “fake news” and the “corrupt media” on Twitter and demanding that governors be nicer to him is more than enough to set off Meyers. “Unhinged” becomes the nicest thing he says about President Trump.

Reports that President Trump is bored and feels isolated from the world really hit a nerve with Meyers. Nobody wants to be in quarantine, let alone a comedian forced to do his own makeup, tell jokes to his dog, and get called out for making crappy YouTube videos. Meyers’ rant is the closest he gets to unhinged while on camera.

But while the production value of Meyers’ videos may be low, they clearly hold a lot of value to his viewers. The home editions of “A Closer Look” released on Late Night‘s YouTube channel are extremely popular. It is a combination of an audience starving for content and the home setting creating a deeper connection with viewers.

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Seth Meyers gave up hope a long time ago that President Donald Trump would accept constructive criticism and change his ways. But the Late Night host sounds willing to do that himself if people keep roasting him for his YouTube videos.