The Daily Show imagines Fox News turning on President Trump

Sean Hannity and President Donald Trump (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Sean Hannity and President Donald Trump (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah looked at what it would be like if Fox News was concerned about President Donald Trump.

Fox News has long been a divisive media outlet and that has only become more apparent during President Donald Trump’s administration. But what if Fox News suddenly changed course and doubting President Trump? Thanks to The Daily Show we have an idea of how that would look.

The Daily Show has long put a target on Fox News. Former host Jon Stewart had his fair share of run-ins with the network, including memorable tilts with Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly.

Trevor Noah has continued that tradition during his tenure. Fox News has come under even more scrutiny for its coverage of the Trump White House, especially through crises and controversies like the Mueller report, impeachment, and now the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Many people have questioned President Trump’s leadership abilities and whether he has the capacity to see the country through a crisis of this magnitude. If Fox News ever joined that side of the argument, The Daily Show thinks it would look a little like this:

Anyone familiar with Fox News’ normal coverage could probably tell that several of those clips were actually about former Vice President Joe Biden. His mental acuity has been repeatedly questioned during his 2020 campaign by voters, the media, and even late night television shows.

But Fox News has yet to put President Trump under the same microscope. Instead, The Daily Show does that for the network and the end result is fairly compelling. The clip would make for a very effective attack ad ahead of the election.

This clip is similar to The Daily Show‘s ongoing segment “The Worst Scandal in Presidential History” which satirically revisits “scandals” from President Barack Obama. You can see a compilation of everything from the tan suit to Dijon mustard right here:

Much of what made these events “scandals” was the way they were covered by Fox News. Hosts and pundits across the network took issue with nearly everything President Obama did while in office. President Trump certainly faces his share of scrutiny from the media but Fox News is noticeably quiet when it comes to criticism about issues that actually matter.

The Daily Show continues to be the best when it comes to mocking cable news and the current climate of “hot take” pundits. The job would be a little more difficult if this alternate reality came true and Fox News changed its narrative. But don’t expect Trevor Noah and company to be holding their breaths on that one.

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