Stephen Colbert can’t resist mocking Joe Biden after South Carolina victory

Stephen Colbert (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)
Stephen Colbert (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images) /

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert had some fun at the expense of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Stephen Colbert may have to sharpen up his Joe Biden impression. The Late Show host could be talking about the former vice president more often after a victory in South Carolina. But even during the high point of his campaign, Biden could not escape Colbert’s punchlines.

Biden’s victory in South Carolina was a big time win for his campaign. It came after Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders established himself as the frontrunner and should make Super Tuesday all that more interesting to watch.

The win also gave the former vice president the chance to celebrate his accomplishment in speeches and in television interviews. These type of events are always a source of comedy for The Late Show writers, but it is usually President Donald Trump putting his foot in his mouth.

As Colbert demonstrated in Monday night’s monologue, Joe Biden isn’t immune to some of the same podium problems that have plagued President Trump. If both the primary victories and gaffes continue, Colbert will be getting a lot of use out of his aviator shades:

Nobody can be expected to stand in front of a crowd or microphone as often as politicians do and have a perfect delivery every time. But the spotlight on him turned up after South Carolina, Biden could have done a little better stringing his sentences together.

As Colbert pointed out, its hard to push back against the “Sleepy” nickname while getting the name of morning news anchors confused. This also comes a few days after Biden mistakenly stated he was running for U.S. senate.

Colbert also wasn’t letting Joe Biden get away with another reference to former President Barack Obama. Name-dropping Obama was a frequent tactic in the early stages of Biden’s campaign and if he wants to return to that strategy, Colbert will have more one-liners like this one.

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Last year, Stephen Colbert argued that Joe Biden was making President Donald Trump nervous. Another strong performance on Super Tuesday and we could be one step closer to a Biden vs. Trump showdown. Let’s just hope that Colbert isn’t nervous about revisiting that impression every night.