Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with classic Conan O’Brien clips

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Conan O'Brien

No matter how you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, it’s better when you add in Conan O’Brien.

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the world will look a little different this year. Social distancing and #QuarantineLife have taken over, making it harder to pack the pubs. Luckily for late night fans, Conan O’Brien has just the right content to cheer us up.

Celebrations in Dublin, Boston, and New York City are among those canceled due to the novel coronavirus outbreak and containment efforts. Worldwide, people are being asked to refrain from going out while some restaurants and bars close their doors.

That can be a difficult adjustment no matter what time of year it is. It is especially difficult for those who were eager to celebrate their Irish heritage or to just be Irish for the day. In response, everyone is looking for alternative ways to stay entertained.

So who better to turn to than Conan O’Brien. The late night legend is a proud Irish American and has used his roots for comedy throughout his career. Here, we present the best of all things Conan O’Brien, St. Patrick’s Day, and Ireland. Be sure to let us know which clip is your favorite in the comment section.

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