Conan O’Brien’s DNA test results surprised his doctor

Conan O'Brien (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)
Conan O'Brien (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images) /

Conan O’Brien was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and revealed why his DNA test was unlike any other his doctor had seen.

While self-deprecating humor is nothing new when it comes to late night hosts, nobody does it quite like Conan O’Brien. He’s been using himself as a target for jokes for 25 years at this point. So with a career that long, you would think he’d be running out of material. Thanks to a DNA test however, O’Brien has a surprising set of facts that will keep the jokes coming.

It’s always something special when the late night hosts stop by one another’s shows. We’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel on The Late Late Show with James Corden and Seth Meyers on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert have been friends for years and appeared on each other’s shows plenty of times in the past.

So it would have been worth it to tune into see O’Brien on The Late Show even if it wasn’t a special Super Bowl Sunday edition of the show. But fans still got the added treat of hearing about O’Brien’s DNA test that was supposed to give him a little insight into his heritage. The results ended up being a rather stunning revelation for both the doctor and the late night host.

It wasn’t enough for O’Brien to be 100% Irish. That alone would be surprising. But his doctor’s only logical conclusion to be that O’Brien is the product of inbreeding was certainly stunning. Stephen Colbert’s reaction is all the proof you need of that.

O’Brien and Colbert are similar in that both using their personal backgrounds for comedy. Colbert frequently brings up his Catholic faith when talking with guests. And he’s turned it into a couple recurring bits including his late night confessions and his conversations with God.

For O’Brien, his Irish heritage has always been a source of jokes. It’s come up during his trip to Ireland, interviews with Irish celebrities, and during visits to podcasts. It may have been an entirely different experience for O’Brien had he known about his inbreed past when he visited the Irish American Heritage Center:

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Conan O’Brien’s story may not be the best endorsement for 23 & Me. Some people may be worried about finding an equally stunning discovery if they submit their DNA for testing. But O’Brien certainly seems to be looking at the bright side of things. His 100% Irish genes blessed him with the perfect body to go along with his comedy.