John Mulaney has an idea for another Saturday Night Live musical sketch

Following the success of Diner Lobster and Bathroom Bodega, John Mulaney already has the inspiration for his next Saturday Night Live musical sketch.

The “what have you done for me lately?” attitude extends to sketch comedy, or so it seems. After two successful runs as host of Saturday Night Live, John Mulaney is already thinking about how to top two of best sketches in recent memory that he helped put together.

Last season, John Mulaney had two dreams come true: he hosted Saturday Night Live and finally got “Diner Lobster” on the air. The Les Miserables spoof was something Mulaney thought of while a writer but it never found its way out of the writers’ room. Finally with a little help from Colin Jost Mulaney got the sketch on the air and it was an instant hit.

When Mulaney returned to host this season, it wasn’t clear if SNL would try to recapture the magic of “Diner Lobster.” But like Mulaney’s love of musicals, the success of that sketch was undeniable. It all lead to the sequel, “Bodega Bathroom.”

So when John Mulaney inevitably returns to host Saturday Night Live for a third time, how could he possibly top those two sketches? How many New York City-inspired musical parodies could one man come up with? These were the type of questions he faced last night on Conan. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, he’s already got an idea in mind:

It looks like the comedian wants to go very insider New York for part three. You can tell by the reaction of Conan O’Brien’s Los Angeles audience that not too many people are familiar with the G Train’s reputation. A quick search online proves that the NYC train line has always been mocked though it may be turning around public opinion.

The good thing about the musical sketches is how they can serve two very broad audiences. One one hand, anyone familiar with New York City life can truly understand the comedy behind diners, bodegas, and the subway. On the other hand, musical fanatics can appreciate the callbacks to the characters and numbers being parodied.

We were all wrong to question whether John Mulaney could possibly have another musical sketch up his sleeve. Now all we have to do is wait for Saturday Night Live to call him back home for a third time so we can see the G Train musical. Stay tuned.