Jimmy Kimmel calls out Trump for bragging in India and his coronavirus claims


Jimmy Kimmel had a hard time believing anything President Donald Trump said about his trip to India or the global health crisis.

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but a late night television host doesn’t believe a word from President Donald Trump. It was the same story, different day for Jimmy Kimmel as the comedian once again questioned President Trump over his visit to India and his claims about the coronavirus.

President Trump is on his way back from India where he met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The president gave a speech at a stadium in what may have been an attempt to make him as comfortable as possible by recreating one of his rallies.

The trip to India also meant that President Trump was in the part of the world where the coronavirus outbreak started. Reporters pressed President Trump on America’s preparedness for the disease while the health crisis continued to affect economies worldwide.

Perhaps not wanting the severity of coronavirus to overshadow his warm reception in India, President Trump looked to downplay concern over the virus. We can count Jimmy Kimmel among those who think this is a clear sign that we’re in trouble.

Anytime Donald Trump leaves the country, late night hosts like Kimmel pay extra attention. There is something about seeing the president play his hits on the international stage that amuses comedians more than when it happens at home. Typically, Kimmel is the first in line to show an embarrassing clip of President Trump abroad.

But in India, President Trump didn’t do anything too bizarre. Instead he did what he often does: exaggerated his crowd sizes and cited “someone” who told him they’d never seen anything like him. At this point, Kimmel can really only throw his hands up after each clip. There are only so many times he can mock President Trump about this…right?

Kimmel also wasn’t buying President Trump’s tweet that the coronavirus was very much under control. That doesn’t seem to be the consensus among other organizations and countries. And Kimmel is quick to point out that if President Trump didn’t know that vegetables were hidden in his mashed potatoes, how could he know what’s going on with a microscopic virus?

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So while President Trump is focused on his crowd sizes in India, the rest of the world is concerned with containing the coronavirus. It’s more or less what everyone should expect, including Jimmy Kimmel who continues to throw his hands up in disbelief.