Trevor Noah knows how to fix presidential debates

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah outlined his ideal presidential debate in another Between the Scenes segment.

Waking up today, you’ve probably seen a number of articles, posts, and tweets breaking down last night’s Democratic debate. Much of the coverage is focused on how former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was under attack. But if The Daily Show‘s Trevor Noah had his way, Mayor Bloomberg would never have to worry about being in the crosshairs again.

It was Mayor Bloomberg’s first debate appearance and it didn’t exactly go smoothly. Senator Elizabeth Warren attacked Bloomberg on a number of topics and President Donald Trump also chimed in on Twitter.

As we get closer to the finish line, it was expected that Democrats would turn up the heat on each other as they attempt to earn the party’s nomination. Bloomberg’s heavy spending and spotty past made him a prime target and helped ramp up the tension among the candidates.

It all made for good television and discussion on social media but was it good for the public? Not exactly, says Trevor Noah. In another insightful and amusing “Between the Scenes” segment, the Daily Show host offered his thoughts on how debates should be conducted:

In Noah’s eyes, the need for the debates to be a spectacle on television has overshadowed their value to voters. Heated exchanges between rivals and prepared one-liners often make more headlines than the actual policy ideas. The presidential debates of Noah’s player hating-free utopia would have no candidate attacking another and instead simply stating what he or she wants to do in office.

Noah’s debate system would also rely heavily on fact-checking. The Twitter accounts of candidates will often live tweet fact checks and news outlets will publish articles the following day providing context. But there is no guarantee that the people watching the debate will follow up by reading those resources. Instead, Noah wants facts checked and presented in real-time.

It’s an idea that is based more on candidates owning their own ideas rather than putting down their opponents. Unfortunately, the current political climate is far too extreme for Noah’s system to ever been realized. Can you imagine a presidential debate in which Donald Trump only presents his own policies? And then is fact-checked on the spot? Didn’t think so.

“Between the Scenes” lets Trevor Noah present his thoughts in a more sincere but no less amusing fashion than during the regular run of The Daily Show. It remains one of the best segments in all of late night television and there is no debate about that.