Anna Kendrick isn’t sorry for her sneaker sins

Anna Kendrick (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)
Anna Kendrick (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images) /

Anna Kendrick took over The Daily Show with Trevor Noah once again to talk about her sneaker faux pas and online outrage.

“Between the Scenes” is one of the most popular aspects of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The online exclusive clips feature Trevor Noah sharing his unscripted thoughts or talking with the audience. It is not meant to be an extended guest segment but that hasn’t stopped Anna Kendrick.

Chances are you’ve come across a “Between the Scenes” clip whether you are an avid fan of The Daily Show or not. They are almost always worth watching because they show a different side of Trevor Noah. The segments allow the host and comedian to be a little more nuanced in his discussion of often sensitive issues. He’s not looking to insert jokes or land punchlines but it isn’t any less entertaining or enjoyable.

You can count actress Anna Kendrick among the fans of “Between the Scenes.” Last year, Kendrick invited herself back on to the Daily Show stage to take over Noah’s improvised segment. Unlike some other editions, that one was a little more lighthearted as the two discussed the premise behind “the list” or “hall passes” that some couples institute in their relationship.

Kendrick was back at it this week, invading another edition of “Between the Scenes.” As you’d expect, things were pretty light once again with plenty of laughs thanks to the undeniable chemistry between Kendrick and Noah.

The Daily Show host put Kendrick on the spot for an Instagram post that got sneaker aficionados very upset. Watch as Kendrick refuses to apologize and welcomes the online outrage.

If you are a massive sneaker fan or know one, then you can understand just how upset some people were with Kendrick for creasing the Jordans gifted to her by Desus and Mero. Kendrick had previously defended herself by acknowledging she was unaware of proper sneaker protocol when it came to avoiding creases.

Following the release of this clip, Kendrick’s Instagram post from April was once again put under the microscope. New comments have flooded the post from fans who wanted to see the sneaker sin for themselves, many thanking Trevor Noah for sending them to Kendrick’s account.

But on The Daily Show, Kendrick wasn’t backing down. She didn’t exactly apologize for upsetting sneakerheads much to the delight of Trevor Noah. Noah doesn’t claim to be a huge sneaker fan but even he knew better than to crease a pair of Jordans. For Noah, the real fun comes from watching outrage culture online in action.

Noah uses that to make a pretty solid point about how there no degrees of outrage online. The headlines and reaction to Kendrick wearing sneakers the “wrong” way is equal to the reaction to war crimes. Noah suggests that everyone just pump the breaks and relax a bit, even if it means the internet becomes a little less entertaining for him.

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Anna Kendrick may not be a hero in the sneaker world but the actress has certainly redefined “Between the Scenes” for what it’s worth. Her future appearances on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah are now firmly in the “must-watch” category.