Seth Meyers reacts to John Bolton’s book and Trump’s threats in A Closer Look

Seth Meyers (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Yext)
Seth Meyers (Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Yext) /

Seth Meyers called out President Donald Trump and his allies for making threats as the impeachment trial continues.

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump took a new turn over the weekend. Evidence from former National Security Adviser John Bolton came out just as President Trump and his allies were issuing threats to a number of individuals. Late Night with Seth Meyers once again used “A Closer Look” to break it all down.

As the impeachment trial got underway, reports indicated that President Trump was watching the proceedings on television, but was “bored” by it all. That wasn’t exactly surprising given President Trump’s reputation for having a short attention span. After all, we’re living in an era where the impeachment hearings were criticized for not having enough “pizazz.”

But perhaps the latest bombshell to hit the trial will grab President Trump’s attention. Details were released about an upcoming book by ex-Trump administration member John Bolton that indicate President Trump directly tied aid to Ukraine to the announcement of an investigation into the Bidens.

Bolton’s bombshell isn’t the only thing President Trump needs to worry about according to Seth Meyers. The Late Night host called out the president for continuing to commit crimes even while his impeachment trial is happening. Listen to Meyers explain in “A Closer Look” from Monday night:

This edition of “A Closer Look” comes on the heels of another in which Meyers argued that President Trump had confessed to an impeachment crime during the trial. It’s as if President Trump was surprised that didn’t end things so he has now resorted to threatening members of Congress and ambassadors.

Meyers reminds his audience that a threat from President Trump is nothing new nor it is out of character. This reminder was apparently necessary for the Republican senators who were shocked that Representative Adam Schiff would cite a CBS report that the Trump administration warned GOP members not to go against the president.

To support his position on President Trump’s threats, Meyers then turns to the leaked audio recording in which the president targeted Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. The audio suggests that President Trump wanted Yovanovitch removed so that the Ukraine plot could go on unimpeded.

President Trump has denied any involvement in such a scheme and maintained that his entire focus has been on corruption in Ukraine. But that defense was completely dismantled by John Bolton’s book as explained by Meyers.

Bolton’s book is the latest example of the tidal wave of evidence that continues to come out as President Trump’s impeachment trial happens. Despite covering every twist and turn of the story, Meyers notes that he is shocked that so many people have evidence against President Trump. Yet despite it all, President Trump and his allies remain on the attack.

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Late Night and “A Closer Look” have made a point of calling out the Republican Party’s defense of President Donald Trump. That defense was already built on a shaky foundation and could be easily toppled even by late night hosts like Seth Meyers. The latest bombshells will test GOP resolve once again and undoubtedly get another “closer look” from Meyers.