Stephen Colbert mocks lame excuses given by GOP on witness vote

Stephen Colbert (Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS)
Stephen Colbert (Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS) /

Stephen Colbert called out several Republican senators over the excuses they gave for voting against impeachment witnesses.

Stephen Colbert continued his crusade against the Republican Party on Monday night. The Late Show monologue once again went after GOP members for their defense of President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial. And this time, Colbert was naming names.

While Colbert has praised Democratic Representative Adam Schiff for his courage during the trial, he has expressed quite the opposite opinion of Republicans. The Late Show has consistently criticized the Republican Party for following President Trump and excusing or accepting most of his behavior.

Through his coverage of the impeachment trial, Colbert has been less concerned with President Trump. For the comedian, it is obvious and proven that President Trump abused his power and should be removed. What Colbert can’t believe is the lengths the president’s allies and fellow Republicans have gone to in order to protect him.

That theme continued on Monday night as Colbert reacted to the Senate vote not to call witnesses in the trial. When asked to explain their opposition to witnesses, several key Republicans offered various excuses or explanations which Stephen Colbert found “lame.”

The monologue may have been about GOP senators and their excuses but Stephen Colbert couldn’t let President Trump off the hook completely. Not when President Trump’s Kansas tweet went viral, suggesting that the president’s awareness of geography isn’t exactly where it should be.

Colbert once again applauded Rep. Schiff’s efforts urging Republicans to hold President Trump accountable. The problem, according to the late night host, is that it has become impossible to distinguish Republicans from Donald Trump. It’s a far cry from where Colbert was a few months ago when he was convinced the GOP was ready to tell the truth. With that in mind, Colbert took aim at a few Republicans in particular for their logic in not voting for witnesses.

First up was Senator Lisa Murkowski who argued that Congress had failed and that a fair trial was impossible. Colbert’s response was that Republicans failed, not Congress, and Senator Murkowski was part of the problem.

Next was Senator Lamar Alexander who admitted that Democrats proved their case and conceded that President Trump did what he was on trial for doing. But once again, Colbert sees a Republican giving President Trump another chance and excusing his ignorance or lack of understanding on how the government works.

It used to be that The Late Show was completely fixated on Donald Trump. But as time has gone on, the focus has shifted to his supporters and enablers. Colbert knows that President Trump won’t change his ways and could potentially be out of office by the end of the year. But his Republican allies could remain in Congress and should have to answer for their actions.

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Stephen Colbert also knows that President Trump will once again test the loyalty of Republicans through his actions. If he skirts the law again, what excuses will his allies offer next? If The Late Show had to predict, then expect more lame explanations.