Stephen Colbert thinks Republicans are desperate enough to tell the truth

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during Wednesday's 10/19/16 taping in New York. Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS ©2016CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during Wednesday's 10/19/16 taping in New York. Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS ©2016CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Stephen Colbert is convinced the only defense left for Republicans is to admit to President Donald Trump’s quid pro quo.

We may be on the verge of another strategy change in the Republican Party–one that Stephen Colbert is calling “unthinkable.” After months of trying to defend President Donald Trump’s Ukraine phone call, Republicans have little choice left but to tell the truth.

According to Stephen Colbert, this would be a rare move by the GOP. The Late Show  host has turned up the heat lately on those supporting President Trump. Members of Trump’s cabinet and Republicans in Congress have become more frequent targets of the late night comedian’s jokes.

Colbert has tried to keep track of a shifting Republican defense that has moved from “the call was perfect” to “there was no quid pro quo” to “Trump is focused on corruption” to “what Trump did isn’t illegal.” Republicans have had to scramble as the impeachment inquiry uncovers more details and more people come forward to testify.

So now Colbert believes that Republicans are running out of time to figure out a new defense. That means they could resort to the “unthinkable” option of telling the truth. Colbert explained the situation on Monday night after giving President Trump a not so fond farewell from New York City.

New York likely won’t miss Donald Trump now that he is moving his primary residence to Florida. It is getting more and more difficult for Trump to find anyplace to go where he gets friendly treatment. Colbert highlights the UFC fight where Trump was once again booed as he was during the World Series in Washington, D.C.

Colbert shows how Democrats led by Adam Schiff have responded to claims that the impeachment inquiry was too secretive and lacked transparency. Schiff released transcripts of closed-door testimony that spelled out more bad news for President Trump.

It was then up to Republicans to make that bad news into good news, or at least not-as-bad news. According to reports, some are considering acknowledging Trump’s quid pro quo during his call to Ukraine. Desperate times call for desperate measures, says Colbert.

Colbert has wisely shifted his focus from President Trump to his Republican allies. At this point, Colbert is well aware of what the President will say or tweet in his own defense. It’s not surprising or new, especially for someone like Colbert who has spent years mocking everything about Donald Trump.

Instead, Colbert is spending more time calling out Republicans whom he sees as hypocrites. It is clear that Colbert thinks Republicans have abandoned their values and views in order to serve President Trump and therefore have damned their own party.

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It’s hard to imagine how things will improve if Republicans admit President Donald Trump offered a quid pro quo to Ukraine. But as Stephen Colbert sees it, that is the party’s only option after painting themselves into a corner.