Camila Cabello and James Corden’s riff-off is a battle of the decades

Camila Cabello and James Corden faced off to see whether music was better in 1999 or 2019.

There is no denying that music has changed a lot since 1999. Whether that change was for better or for worst depends on who you ask. In a surprise appearance on The Late Late Show, Camila Cabello tried to answer when called out by James Corden.

Cabello, 22, is the epitome of modern pop music. She started off with an audition for the singing competition show The X Factor, turned that into a career with the group Fifth Harmony, then struck out on her own with a Grammy-nominated solo career.

The year Cabello was born was also when Corden’s professional life got started. The late ’90s and early 2000s saw Corden’s career take shape and take off with a role on the British series Fat Friends. After a decade of roles in movies and musicals and more television hits, Corden took over The Late Late Show.

So while Cabello was learning to walk and talk, Corden was singing along to the radio in his car and burning CDs. Now Cabello is one of the most streamed-artists in the world with a fan base of millions.

On Thursday night’s Late Late Show, Corden lamented that music today just isn’t what it used to be. That prompted Cabello to come in and defend modern music, setting the stage for the latest Late Late Show “Riff-Off.”

Representing 1999, Corden gives us Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca and Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas’s Smooth. For 2019, Cabello hits back with Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road and Shawn Mendes’ If I Can’t Have You.

This wasn’t the first time that Camila Cabello brought her singing talents to The Late Late Show. She appeared on the late night show’s spinoff series Carpool Karaoke with Joe Jonas. She has also been a guest on the show, including a memorable interview for fans with Shawn Mendes.

As for which decade came out on top in the riff-off between Corden and Cabello, that’s up for fans to decide. It’s hard to imagine anyone being able to resist singing along or tapping their feet to any of the songs they performed no matter what era was your favorite. If Corden and Cabello could put aside their differences and duet on Senorita, so can music fans.

What did you think of Camila Cabello’s performance on The Late Late Show? What’s your favorite jam from 1999 or 2019? Let us know in the comment section and keep checking Last Night On for more news and highlights from late night television.