Jimmy Kimmel presents the year in Unnecessary Censorship for 2019

Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes)
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC/Randy Holmes) /

Jimmy Kimmel Live! bleeped and blurred all the best moments from television in 2019 whether they needed it or not.

One of the longest running bits in late night television is “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship” on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. And for many people, 2019 seemed like the longest running year in a long, long time. So put the two together and you get the year in unnecessary censorship for 2019.

For any fans who are unaware of how the bit started, it began as a way to parody the Federal Communications Commission crackdown on broadcast television. Stricter censorship standards were put into place with the attitude of “better safe than sorry” dictating what was said or seen on many shows.

2019 is a strange year to apply such standards. Premium cable subscriptions are common and the variety of available streaming services means that viewers are exposed to more content than ever. Still, there is a population concerned with what children may see or hear on television and the possible negative influence it could have on their psychology.

So to help (or mock) those people, Jimmy Kimmel Live! acts as a guardian of the airwaves by bleeping and blurring all the most popular television moments. Here now the show presents the best moments from 2019 when more people than ever were watching television:

Kimmel’s bleeps and blurs often add more entertainment value to a clip. Look no further than the opening clip where an imaginary F-bomb is bleeped from a news broadcast. Given the twists and turns of stories coming from Washington this past year, it’s not hard to imagine that some journalists wanted to use more colorful language.

Longtime viewers of Jimmy Kimmel Live! know that there are a few shows that always pop up in “Unnecessary Censorship.” Once again we see Wheel of Fortune and The 700 Club hosted by frequent Kimmel target Pat Robertson.

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Jimmy Kimmel summed up things by saying “it’s been a dumb decade.” He probably isn’t alone in thinking that but the good news is that a new one is about to start. Happy bleepin’ New Year, everyone!