Seth Meyers debunks Ukraine conspiracy theory pushed by President Trump’s allies

Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC)
Late Night With Seth Meyers (Photo by: NBC) /

In “A Closer Look” Seth Meyers explained how a conspiracy theory about Ukraine is absolutely ridiculous.

Late Night with Seth Meyers returned on Monday and picked up right where it left off covering the impeachment hearings. “A Closer Look” once again called out Republicans, this time over a conspiracy theory that Seth Meyers called “ludicrous.”

Since public impeachment hearings and testimony began, Seth Meyers and Late Night have turned much of the attention away from President Donald Trump. Meyers seems content to let President Trump tweet away and largely ignore efforts to discredit the hearings.

Instead, Meyers has focused more on Republican lawmakers defending President Trump despite often contradicting themselves or subscribing to conspiracy theories. Everyone from Rudy Giuliani to Representative Jim Jordan have found themselves on the receiving end of a Late Night punchline.

Monday night was no different as “A Closer Look” examined how Republicans have failed to counter-argue the facts of the Ukraine scandal. Instead, many GOP members continue to push the debunked claim that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 presidential election and therefor President Trump was justified in withholding military aid.

That theory, along with other questionable rebuttals and efforts to disrupt the hearings, was the highlight of “A Closer Look.” Watch as Seth Meyers breaks it all down for his viewers.

Meyers sums up the actions of Republicans during the impeachment hearing as “dumb stunts.” It is something that Meyers has claimed before, most notably when Republicans tried to storm a closed-door testimony.

For Meyers, these are the last ditch efforts of a group that knows there is no logical argument in their favor. It is also why a conspiracy theory suggesting that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election is still being referenced despite multiple reports confirming the opposite to be true.

Meyers describes President Trump as detached from reality. Stephen Colbert suggested the same thing on Monday night. Meyers takes it one step further by saying that President Trump has taken the entire Republican Party with him.

The best example of that for Meyers is Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz previously called Donald Trump a pathological liar and Trump responded by alluding to Cruz’s father being involved in the assassination of President John Kennedy. Meyers cannot believe that in spite of that, Cruz is on television backing up President Trump’s conspiracy theories on Ukraine.

Republicans show no sign of giving up this argument or backing off the Ukraine conspiracy theory. That means that Late Night can count on “A Closer Look” always have material. Nobody in late night is holding the GOP accountable like Seth Meyers.

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Seth Meyers delivers a final blow against Republicans by saying they don’t know how impeachment, computers, or toilets work. If you believe that, then it’s not too hard to see why debunked conspiracy theories are still a major foundation of their defense strategy.